Glass laser drilling machine

Glass laser drilling machine

Glass laser drilling machine: of course, you can also call it a glass laser cutting machine, which can cut down glass with a thickness of 5mm and a diameter of 10 mm in just a few seconds. This product is the proud work of GoldLaser.

  • laser power80-120-200
  • Mark area70*70/110*110
  • Markspeed7000mm/s
  • Mark depth0.05-2mm
  • size850*850*1600
  • weight90kg

Introduction of Glass laser drilling machine

Glass laser drilling technology has the advantages of high precision, strong versatility, high efficiency, low cost and remarkable comprehensive technical and economic benefits. It has become one of the key technologies in the field of modern manufacturing. It can produce pulsed laser with wavelength of 1064nm, which can make the local melting of processing materials to achieve drilling. 

Lang Qi laser drilling machine has many advantages, among which the accuracy is the most. 

Ultra-high precision can ensure that there is no error, no burr, no deformation, and the finished product can be finished at one time, which is very convenient, unlike the traditional drilling equipment which needs to go through many processes such as secondary grinding, correction, edge removal and so on.

Video of Glass laser drilling machine

Application range of Glass laser drilling machine

Application: sodium calcium glass (ordinary glass), ultra-white glass (low iron glass), K9 glass, high borosilicate glass, quartz glass. 

Note: the toughened glass is no longer suitable for drilling. 

When the tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will form small obtuse angle particles similar to honeycomb.

Comparison between traditional Glass cutting and Laser cutting

Traditional glass cutting. 

Cutting is an indispensable basic process in the process of glass production and deep processing. The traditional glass cutting technology mainly includes cutter wheel cutting and CNC grinding cutting. 

The edge of the glass cut by the cutter wheel is large, the edge is rough, the machining quality and precision are difficult to be guaranteed, and the cost is increased due to many and complex maintenance processes in the later stage. 

The precision of CNC is higher than that of cutter wheel, but the speed is difficult to be guaranteed. 

Laser cutting. 

Glass is a poor conductor of heat, the infrared absorption rate is very low, and the light transmittance is as high as 93%. 

Normally, cutting glass with 1070nm wavelength laser can not be formed and processed, and infrared laser cutting glass requires a peak power as high as 100kW. 

Ultra-fast picosecond laser has long been used in glass cutting, but because of its high equipment cost, it is mainly used in 3C, display and other fields, so it is difficult to popularize on a large scale.

Application effect

Glass laser drilling machine  第1张

Processing capacity

Glass laser drilling machine  第2张


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