Parameters of Laser Marking Machine Marking Black


Asked questions from users: How to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine? The wave laser uses the 20W fiber laser marking machine to blacken the stainless steel surface as an example to give the following parameters:

First look at the machine configuration used in the test:

1. The laser power is 20W. Brand Chinese

2, galvanometer: Jin Haichuang

3, field mirror: F160 is 110X110 mark format

4, the material is stainless steel

Test parameters:

1, the laser power is set to: 75%

2, the speed is: 150

3. Filling line spacing is: 0.05

4, the frequency is: 20

5, the filling method is arbitrary

Parameters of Laser Marking Machine Marking Black


CommentComment 1

  • 2021-02-01 10:40:26

    what is the best settings for marking and engraving gold products using a 20w fiber laser machine. thank you

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