Laser rust remover manufacturer: China Jinan Laser Co., Ltd.


Goldlaser  is a local laser rust remover manufacturer in Jinan, which is located in high-tech zone. 

Laser rust remover We routinely stock models with 1000 watts, 1500 watts, 2000 watts and 3000 watts. 

Among them, 1500W Laser rust removal machine is a medium-power model, and our company has been having style workers' customer proofing tests. 

For the following situations, we do not recommend the use of laser derusting machine

1. Very serious rust; the metal surface already seems to have that kind of pimple-like rust, which cannot be done even by a high-power laser. 

2. The surface paint layer is thick: especially for the metal which is coated with variable anticorrosive paint in underground operation or underwater, the rust removal efficiency is low. 

What occasions is the laser rust remover mainly used for? 

1. Floating rust: after gently sweeping, the surface can be smooth and clean, and it can be sprayed directly. 

2. Thin lacquer: this kind of material which is painted once, the rust remover is easy to handle. 

3. For later rust, we also have 2000W Laser rust removal machine and 3000W Laser rust removal machine for you to choose from.


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